Players Way Events

Players Way Clinics

At Players Way, our mission is to develop the next generation of athletes. Starting with the “Fundamental Series”, our clinics are guided by the same teaching philosophies utilized by professional athletes, ensuring you are on a pathway to success.

With execution help of our Coordinator Network and the meticulous planning of our Player Faculties, all our “Fundamental Series” Clinics, whether you’re in New York or California, follow the same blueprint. We will evaluate, we will teach, and we will test. This “Evaluate-Teach-Test” framework ensures you see real progress during the clinic.

Players Way will maintain a maximum of an 8 to 1 player to instructor ratio, you’ll receive individualized attention to fine-tune your skills. After the clinic, you’ll receive a post-event report detailing your initial evaluation, retest results and “delta” score along with corrective videos.

Top performers throughout our Fundamental Clinic Series will be invited to participate at the “Players Way National Development Camp”. “The “Fundamental Series” is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more clinic types throughout the year, all designed to empower you on your path to development.

Players Way ID Events

At Players Way, we help athletes reach their full potential. Our ID Series is your compass on the journey of improvement. Designed to set baselines and monitor development, these events are your gateway to becoming the best you can be.

We believe in a comprehensive assessment and just like the professional player before you, you’ll be taken through a traditional five-tool player evaluation. However, our assessment goes beyond the traditional five-tool evaluation and incorporates additional running and agility tests to better measure your “game speed”, position specific fundamental feedback, transfer times for position players, and accuracy checks.

What sets us apart is the post-event report. You won’t just leave with scores; you’ll leave with a roadmap for your development journey. Top performers at our ID Series events will earn an invite to the Players Series, our national-level showcase of top talent.

Players Way National Camps

Our Players Way National Office Camps are designed to provide athletes with a world-class, three-day position-specific experience that brings together the best of the best from our Players Way Clinics.

Our Coordinator Network and National Office staff will carefully select standout participants based on their performance, work ethic, and potential. Our strategic regional locations minimize travel hassles and expenses. We leverage our vast network, including the MLBPA, to secure top-notch facilities, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Our camps are led by current and former professional athletes, alongside industry experts. They share their wisdom and experience to mentor and guide you, ensuring you receive top-tier instruction. The Players Way National Office Camp Module is where talent meets opportunity. It’s an event that unites gifted athletes from across the nation for three days of intensive, position-specific training. Our goal is simple: to empower you to realize your full potential and continue your remarkable journey in your chosen sport.

Players Way Players Series

The Players Way “Players Series” is an elite event organized and executed by the Players Way National Office. Hosted in strategic regional locations across the nation, these three-day events serve as a stage for the best athletes identified during Players Way Identification Events.

Elite Competition and Development is what The “Players Series” is all about. Athletes step into a professional player-like environment, engaging in hands-on training, pre-game preparation, and competing in a three-game series against elite peers in their age group

The Players Way “Players Series” offers athletes a stage to display their skills, access top-tier instruction, and immerse themselves in elite-level competition. It recreates the professional player environment, propelling aspiring athletes towards greater development and success.

Players Way Webinars

Our sessions are more than just webinars; they are extensions of our in-person events. Join us for an exclusive 60-minute experience where you’ll dive deep into the insights of current and former professional athletes and industry experts, all from the comfort of your home.

Unlock the minds of the sports world’s finest through Players Way webinars. Players Way webinars are your backstage pass to the elite world of sports. All webinars are an hour of pure knowledge. You’ll not only hear from the experts; you’ll get the chance to ask your burning questions during our dedicated Q&A segment.

We cover it all – from sport-specific strategies to position-specific tactics, mental toughness, game-time psychology, recovery secrets, nutrition, and more. Every facet of your development journey, explored. Our webinars aren’t isolated experiences. They’re designed to complement our in-person programs like clinics and ID events, ensuring your development continues seamlessly.


Developed by our Player Faculty, the Players Way All-Skills Clinic serves as your comprehensive guide to mastering the fundamental aspects of the game. Drawing from our position-specific Fundamental Series, The Players Way All-Skills Clinic offers an all-encompassing experience that enables athletes to explore every facet of the sport, helping them discover their true passion and gauge what position may be best suited for them.
Whether you’re honing your skills, seeking your ideal position, or simply looking to take your game to the next level, the All-Skills Clinic is the ideal platform to uncover your strengths and gain a deeper understanding of the game.

Players Way Future Programming

Continue to check the Players Way website throughout your developmental journey ahead. With the expertise of our Player Faculties, we’re unveiling new programming throughout the year, revolutionizing your developmental experience.

Enhance your skills with extra position-specific clinics added to our acclaimed “Fundamental Series.” Brace yourself for innovative clinics tackling approach-based topics, web gems, athlete-specific development, and more. We’re not just evolving; we’re setting new standards. At Players Way, we’re committed to growth. Expect ongoing development, continuous evolution, and a stream of fresh programming to nurture the next generation of players.

Stay tuned; the future of player development has arrived.