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In every sport covered by Players Way, we will start with an Athletic Assessment. Developed by former players, trainers, and medical specialists, our programs measure not only a player’s key physical indicators but also flexibility, mobility, and cognitive speed.

The Go-TO Platform For Athletes

Players Way was created by Pro Athletes and Coaches for young players who want to be their best. We provide tips and drills, in-person clinics, webinars, athletic assessments and improvement, and more, all based upon the knowledge and experience that can only be gained by playing and coaching at a sport’s highest level. To be your best, be taught by the best.

Move To PLay

Reveal your athletic baseline, receive a personalized pathway to improve.

How TO Play

Become the best version of yourself.

Think to play

Connecting the past, present, and future of sport.

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An exciting and unique platform for Professional Players to teach and help the next generation of players learn how the game can and should be played.

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