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Each Webinar will feature a select topic with Players Way instructors, providing an in-depth discussion as well as a question and answer session. Like all of our programming, there will be suggestions about how to develop, how to move, play, and think more effectively, and the importance of training and exercise.
What we are providing will be a unique combination of recommendations from medical specialists, professional trainers, and most importantly, professional players. It will compliment programs such as USSSA and is not designed to be a replacement or an alternative. 

By taking advantage of technology, videos, interactive programs, we believe we can democratize our sport and make available to all who are interested in the training, techniques, and assessments that are normally reserved only for the most elite athletes or those from financially secure families.

We hope you will join us. The player you can be is waiting.

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Assessments & Tryouts

All of us want to excel, but to play well we must first move well. Life itself begins with movement. So does sport. Whether you’re ten years old or a seasoned professional, every key sport skill – hitting, running, throwing, kicking, shooting to name just a few – depends upon our ability to perform basic athletic movements. And here’s the big secret. Knowing how good you are with these core movements, and how to get better, is key to real improvement.

This is why the Players Way Assessment Program starts at the beginning, with our Training App. Inside the app you will find a Movement Screen, which can help you learn how efficiently different parts of your body move independently and in coordination with one another. How we perform such basics as lunging, stepping, or squatting, how well our shoulders, hips, and ankles operate are good indicators of how we can perform the key movements needed in every sport. The same is true for our ability to bend, rotate, balance, or breathe.

By using our Movement Screen, you can quickly learn where you excel and where you can improve. The App also offers a targeted program of exercises to help you improve and become more efficient with your movements. After you’ve completed 7 sessions, you are urged to take the same assessment again creating a virtuous circle of test, train, and repeat. All of this can be done on a cell phone, in the privacy of your own home or wherever you may be. The results are yours and are kept confidential.

The Training App will also contain a library of exercises and programs to follow, as well as warm-up routines designed directly for specific sports.

Our assessment program will also provide a more advanced in-person assessment experience, what we call our Performance Screen. This program focuses on your core stability and balance and then moves forward to explosive power and impact control, change of direction, acceleration, stopping, and reacting. Again, upon completion, you will be provided not just your results but also a program to help you improve.

These two programs directly lead to the third and final component of our program. The Skill Screen, a separate in-person session, uses your athleticism as the base on which specific sport skills can be taught and individual ability maximized. This session provides the most direct demonstration of how improved movement can lead to real individual development.

Together, the three parts of the Players Way Assessment Program will enable each of us to become more fundamentally sound and technically precise, durable, and resilient, which are key to enjoying not just sport, but life.

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An exciting and unique platform for Professional Players to teach and help the next generation of players learn how the game can and should be played.

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