Players Way Parents

As major league players and professional athletes, we know the impact parents had on our journey to the highest levels of the game. As a result, your continued support could significantly impact your athlete.

As a PLAYERS WAY parent, you can access many instructional videos, including hearing from our major league players and professional athletes. For example, you will receive access to event specific station overview videos that your athlete will be doing during a Players Way event to better educate you on the journey of your athlete.

Parent Educational Videos

As parents, you will also be able to track your athlete’s improvement via our Players Way dashboard, which houses all your athlete’s results and improvements as they progress through our PLAYERS WAY 360-degree experience. Revisiting the dashboard after the events completion can also help monitor your player improvement.

Post Event Reporting

To “BE YOUR BEST,” we know continuous improvement and lifelong learning are important. That’s why we encourage parents to access our webinars and use the PLAYERS WAY TRAINING app, developed with FMS. These short segments will guide you and your athlete on exercises to help them improve regularly. Again, parents can also help your athlete to continue working on the recommended practice correctives available in the athlete’s post event report.

At-Home Resources

PLAYERS WAY Training app

The better you move, the faster you can improve, avoid injury, and stay in the game. Developed with FMS, the Players Way Training App allows you to measure your core ability to move. It starts with a 10-minute, multi-step Movement Screen and based upon your results, guides you through exercises to help you improve as needed. After a seven day developmental plan, you can take another Movement Screen to see how you’re doing.



Player evaluation app and reporting software for team tryouts, camps and player development, for all sports globally.
Play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Identify movement patterns that support sports and daily activities. Will identify mobility, motor control, and functional patterns in fundamental movement.
The Major League Baseball Players Association Is the union that represents Players on the 40-man Major League rosters, as well as approximately 5,500 Minor League players employed by the 30 Major League baseball teams
MLB Players, Inc. is the for-profit corporate subsidiary of the Players Association. It is charged with managing all commercial activities of the organization.
The Players Trust began in 1996 as a vehicle for MLB Players to come together as one team using their collective voice to make an impact where it’s needed most. In the last few decades, we have grown and elevated our reach to support the causes players care deeply about while continuing to raise awareness and provide funds for important causes on a global level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our entire sports faculty roster consists of experienced major league players and professional players who have been preparing for this unique opportunity their entire careers The Players Way faculty has developed our entire Players Way journey of events, beginning with our fundamental series, technology and more. We firmly believe that teaching fundamentals and skills for every position on the field will produce the “best of the best” for each athlete who decides to join us on the Players Way. With our insights, and passion for the game, we remain committed to the future generations of athletes to become their best by learning from the best.
Our faculty leaders represent a diverse group of sports professionals that both know and leveraged the required skills for the game on and off the field. Our group developed a rich and engaging 360-degree method ready to deliver an experience in venues throughout the country with a strong 8-to-1 faculty-to-player ratio. We have also integrated all these insights into our Players Way training program led by our approved local coordinators at each event that is hosted in a market/venue near you.
With all our professional faculty, having been on their own journey from an early age, we don’t believe there is one big idea, but a whole set of tools, drills, movements and metrics that can bring about the best in each player who joins the Players Way. Our sports should be more than just playing in games and tournaments. It should be about a uniquely developed athlete development plan that is deeply rooted on how they should play the game in the future.
Although each event clinic may vary slightly, Players Way has put together a national network of local coordinators for position specific clinic sites which have been approved to evaluate, instruct, and test your athlete. Players Way will utilize current technologies to further scale the content and teaching methodologies developed by the Player Way faculty.

We are teaching the “how” and the “why” behind every part of the game. Many coaches today want to teach a series of drills or a certain technique, but the player may not understand the “why” behind what they are doing. Players Way breaks down all aspects of each position to its simplest form. We teach the fundamental and provide the practice “correctives” needed for the athlete in this way to improve each athlete with specific position feedback.

Our Players Way athlete “dashboard” includes professional faculty-led “corrective videos” Parents are also provided “athlete learning updates” so that they become aware of what every athlete is taught in our local events by our approved coaches.

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Players Way clinics follow the Evaluate, Instruct and Test model developed by our player faculty. Your delta score will show you your improvements from your first score in the evaluation phase vs your last score from the testing phase.