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Identify Athletic Proficiency

The Players Way Athletic and Sport Assessment Program, developed by professional athletes, top medical experts, and professional trainers, provides highly detailed analyses of core physical capabilities to help youth athletes identify the skills that need to be further developed in order to reach their greatest potential.
The program offers three different athletic assessments that analyze individual skill sets, identifies areas for growth, and provides unique suggestions and tools for continued growth. The Introductory Athletic Assessment offers an overview of basic athletic abilities by quantifying power, explosivity, grip strength, and cognitive speed. For players looking for an even more competitive edge, the Dynamic Athletic Assessment gives further insights into player abilities by evaluating capabilities when the body is in motion. 
 Athletes looking to obtain the greatest advantage will utilize the Dynamic Sports Assessment, which combines the Dynamic Athletic Assessment with position specific assessments using sophisticated testing equipment coupled with training and instruction by former professional players who achieved the highest level of success within their sport.
Each athlete will receive two critical reports pertaining to their performance. The first will contain a detailed summary of their results. The second will provide specific recommendations for drills and exercises, along with accompanying explanatory images, that if followed can quickly help improve an athlete’s core athleticism. When completed, the program will help all athletes starting at the age of 8 advance their skill development, situational IQ, nutritional routines, and also aid the mental and emotional challenges that all players will have to address at some point in their athletic journeys.
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As the health and safety of our athletes is our number one priority, we have modified our Players Way Assessment schedule and program due to COVID-19 concerns. For now, our assessments will be available only at a number of locations. For a more complete schedule and registration process, please fill out the form below.

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