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Players way will help with each stage of your journey.

Every athlete’s journey is unique, but at some point, we all realize that playing games is not enough. It takes hard work, dedication, and practice to improve. Players Way was created specifically to help young people, regardless of economics or geography, improve the full extent of their abilities and be taught by those who have proven to be the best in the world at their chosen sport. Only the best truly understand what it takes to be the best.

We also know that every journey is a little bit different. In order for athletes to reach their full potential, they need to understand their athletic and cognitive capabilities. They need to be equipped with training and insights that will help them become more skilled and drive their passion to develop. As each athlete grows older in their sport, they need to understand the mental side of every game, how to practice and prepare for the sport as it’s played at the highest levels.


In every sport covered by Players Way, we will start with an Athletic Assessment. Developed by former players, trainers, and medical specialists, our programs measure not only a player’s key physical indicators but also flexibility, mobility, and cognitive speed.

Most importantly, every attendee is also provided specific, individualized recommendations for the steps they can take to improve. In 2020, we will also be providing programming that will show how the skills targeted in athletic assessments relate to play and will allow attendees to receive instruction from former and current professional players onsite.

Core Curriculum

We will be routinely posting specific instruction and video guidance through this website. Our instruction will be age and skill specific and will provide increasingly sophisticated drills, training programs and guides for players. Those who have played and coached the game at its highest levels will be sharing their ideas and tips about practice and training, in their own words and language. Attention will also be given to athletic development, cognitive improvement, nutrition and exercise, as well as importance of load management, rest, and a real off-season.


There is a mental side to every sport, one that becomes increasingly complicated at the game’s higher levels. Our programming will provide access to advice and counsel from professional players about game preparation, strategy, training, and the key problems that every elite athlete must overcome. The advice we provide is not theoretical. It is all based on actual experience.

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