Players Way EQUIPS.

The knowledge that athletes acquire through Players Way equips them with valuable insights into their natural abilities, current skill sets, and greatest areas for potential growth. Developed by Major League Baseball players, top medical experts, and professional trainers, Players Way provides the same highly sophisticated analysis of core physical and cognitive capabilities currently available only at the highest levels of professional sports.

In addition to receiving a world class athletic assessment, every attendee will receive two important pieces of information that they can use to evolve their game. First, they’ll receive a detailed report of how they performed in the different areas of the assessment. Second, the most important, will be a set of individualized training recommendations based off the results of their athletic assessment that will provide a road map for their sustained competitive development.


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Una plataforma emocionante y única para que los jugadores profesionales enseñen y ayuden a la próxima generación de jugadores a aprender cómo se puede y se debe jugar el juego.


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