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Clinics & Webinars

Players Way Clinics are designed to give amateur athletes access to in-person, hands-on, up-to-date, sport specific instruction. Our instructors consist of current or former professional players and coaches who will share insights that can only be gained competing at a sport’s highest levels. Each session is designed to demonstrate how to move, play, and think better and resources are provided to all attendees so they can revisit what they were taught after the event is over.
Each Webinar will feature a select topic with Players Way instructors, providing an in-depth discussion as well as a question and answer session. Like all of our programming, there will be suggestions about how to develop, how to move, play, and think more effectively, and the importance of training and exercise.
What we are providing will be a unique combination of recommendations from medical specialists, professional trainers, and most importantly, professional players. It will compliment programs such as USSSA and is not designed to be a replacement or an alternative. 

By taking advantage of technology, videos, interactive programs, we believe we can democratize our sport and make available to all who are interested in the training, techniques, and assessments that are normally reserved only for the most elite athletes or those from financially secure families.

We hope you will join us. The player you can be is waiting.

An exciting and unique platform for Professional Players to teach and help the next generation of players learn how the game can and should be played.

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